Matt Field is a top talent in the Formula Drift series. For the 2018 season, Field finished 7th overall which is a strong finish given just how stacked the field was this past season.

When he wasn't racing, Field decided to slay some tires and release horsepower on a poor unsuspecting mountain road. Thankfully for us, a number of cameras were rolling and the resulting footage is amazing.

Yes, that's a C6 Chevrolet Corvette that's been transformed into a proper drift car. Part of that is thanks to the 1,060 horsepower now produced by the heavily modified car. Field puts it to great use as he rips up a mountain road he clearly knows rather well.

The footage, shot by the production team of Heat Wave Visual, is excellent. A lot of that is owed to the truly remarkable drone footage being captured. This isn't your standard drone, as it's able to lay down serious speed of its own. The pilot of the drone is as skilled at handling the craft as Field is at driving his. There's amazing timing on a number of the shots, which involved flying through brush and trees only to arrive above the road right at the perfect time to intersect the sliding Corvette.

While the concept of the video itself is simple, the execution is excellent. Matt is just out enjoying himself in his Pro Drift Corvette. That means nearly dipping front tires over the edges of apexes as the rear tires yield to the immense horsepower and torque being generated. There's great noise, even above the backing track, and that goes a long way to making for an enjoyable video.

This is how you produce a properly entertaining drift video. Let the car and the driver speak for themselves while the camera crew manages to do much of the same, but in its own manner. The video is just 3:26 in length, and it's worth your time. Click play and give it a go.