Lynk & Co. has unveiled its third model, a compact sedan called the 03.

It joins the 01 and 02 compact SUVs in Lynk & Co.'s expanding lineup and will hit Chinese showrooms late this year. It makes its debut in September at the Chengdu auto show.

Lynk & Co. first burst on the scene in 2016 with the 01 and followed it up this year with the 02, and now the 03. The brand is Zhejiang Geely Holding's new global mainstream offering, sitting alongside the Chinese auto giant's global luxury offering, Volvo.

Lynk & Co. and Volvo share platforms and powertrains, and Lynk & Co. boss Alain Visser is a former Volvo exec. Although it plans to eventually, Lynk & Co. is yet to announce a launch date in the United States. It will start selling cars in Europe in 2019, however.

2018 Lynk & Co. 02

2018 Lynk & Co. 02

The 03 is based on the Compact Modular Architecture developed by Geely and Volvo. Volvo is using the platform in its new 40 series of compact cars, the first of which is the XC40, a close relative of Lynk & Co.'s 01 and 02. Likewise, this 03 is expected to be a close relative of a future Volvo S40 compact sedan. The 03 measures 182.6 inches in length and has a wheelbase of 107.4 inches.

The sole powertrain announced for the 03 is a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-3 that delivers 156 horsepower. A plug-in hybrid powertrain utilizing the inline-3 will be added at a later date.

Production of the 03 will take place at a plant in Luqiao, China. Lynk & Co. also has the capacity to build cars at Volvo's plant in Ghent, Belgium. It's where the brand will build the 02 for sale in Europe.

Lynk & Co. will look to stand out with fixed pricing, and there won't be trim levels or options for buyers. Everything will come at the one set price. The brand will also look at ownership via subscription, similar to the recently launched Care by Volvo program. The brand has also promised lifetime warranties but is yet to reveal details.