Owners of Sunset Yellow Kia Stingers at this point are likely aware of chipping and cracking paint finishes, and the brand has acknowledged the problem and will remedy the situation.

First reported by Australian publication Car Advice last month, Kia confirmed it will recall all Stingers finished in the beaming yellow hue for repainting.

A Kia spokesman has confirmed to Motor Authority that the recall includes approximately 400 cars in the United States, which feature the cracking Sunset Yellow paint. It was a special 2018 model year option.

According to Kia, the issue stems from an error in the paint process at the factory and affects "paint adherence that may result in some paint chipping on certain affected areas." Areas most likely to show chipping and cracking are the hood, doors, windshield pillars, and decklid.

Those owners of Sunset Yellow Stingers should have received a notification by mail last month that details Kia's potential solutions. Owners can opt for a dealership to arrange for repainting of affected areas in accordance with Kia's guidelines and paint specifications. If an owner chooses a respray, Kia will provide alternative transportation during the repainting process and a "financial goodwill gesture" of $5,000 for the inconvenience.

If a respray is not a desired option for a particular customer, Kia will also purchase the Stinger back outright or replace the car with an equivalent model. Since Sunset Yellow was a limited-edition hue, the replacement car will feature a different color. No other colors are affected by the adherence issue and customers that do opt for a repaint cannot choose a new color. Resprays will not affect the 3-year/36,000-mile warranty included with the Stinger.

Kia said it will give customers 30 days after completing the voluntary campaign to notify the company if they plan to return the car or seek a replacement model. Both secondary options will be available to owners until December 1, 2018.