We waved goodbye to the Dodge Viper last year as production came to an end. The Viper's production end still stings, but perhaps what hurts a smidge more is the fact we never saw a factory Viper convertible or targa top for the fifth-generation sports car. After all, every other Viper generation included one or the other.

Dodge may have decided against a factory targa top, but Prefix made it a reality. Road & Track reported Tuesday that Prefix managed to squeeze 25 to 30 Viper targa tops into the world before supplier issues brought production to an end. The Michigan-based company has worked with numerous automakers for various projects, and it painted all new Viper body panels ahead of shipment to the car's assembly plant.

Prefix actually created more than the Viper targa, but also a soft-top convertible, which it called the "Medusa." Neither process was simple, but both the Medusa and targa look downright factory in their quality.

Prefix Medusa - Dodge Viper SRT Convertible

Prefix Medusa - Dodge Viper SRT Convertible

The company first removed body panels and many interior components to ensure nothing was damaged during the targa conversion. After removing the factory hard-top roof, Prefix installed a carbon-fiber piece, which customers could also customize. A new headliner, weather seals, and proper latches made for near OEM experience.

To the delight of the lucky Viper targa owners, wind noise is nearly nonexistent since and rigidity remains quite strong; the fifth-generation Viper was designed to include a convertible option from the beginning.

Prices for the Viper targa conversion hovered around $12,000 to $15,000, while a Medusa conversion rang in at $35,000. What's disappointing is that Prefix can no longer make the Viper targa. The company told Road & Track the securing latches, seals, and weather stripping pieces have all been discontinued. Creating the parts in-house would be too costly for the company.

Somewhere out there, two Viper ACRs were part Prefix's extensive conversion. We imagine we'll see those cross an auction block one day.