The restomod world is filled with plenty of hopped-up cars with over-the-top styling apparently the main design concern. Today, we're looking at something different...and it's better because of that.

This is a 1953 Ford F100 that's been reworked and customized by Noah Alexander and his Classic Car Studio shop based in St. Louis, Missouri. The finished product is a truly stunning mean green machine, and it's getting some quality camera time at Jay Leno's Garage.

Noah joins Jay in the garage to talk about this build, and he starts off by sharing that the customer comes from a long line of Ford truck lovers. When this build started, the truck arrived seemingly out of a watery grave. Classic Car Studio set to work making it right. We're not sure why a better starting point wasn't used right in the beginning since there are plenty of good F100s out there, but the end result certainly speaks for itself.

Under the hood is a Ford Racing 302 and it's making 345 horsepower. That's a number that should result in a proper driving machine without being overkill. The engine is backed up by a five-speed manual from Tremec that connects to a Ford nine-inch rear end.

Jay pores over the truck to figure out what's been done. He can tell it's been lowered and that the drip rails are gone. Noah adds that the running boards have been narrowed and the finished touches have been made, well, rather beautiful. The exterior finished elements are done in metallic bronze with a matte clear coat applied. Paired with the deep green paint, the result is gorgeous.

Jay and Noah eventually hop in the truck and head out for a drive. From there the conversation jumps between classic car chatter to the idea of 3D printing parts. Along the way, the F100 proves the perfect backdrop for all of this talk. Occasionally, Jay lets the truck speak up and you can't help but fall more in love with the old pickup (made very new, of course).