Pagani is known for building bold and beautiful hyper exotics. Along with standout styling, they deliver tremendous aural exhilaration and driving excitement thanks to the mighty Mercedes-AMG engines set amidship. Horacio Pagani himself, however, knows that electrification is the way of the future, and he's set his supercar company to work on a Pagani electric car.

As we've already reported, Horacio Pagani has put together a team of 20 designers and engineers to develop a Pagani electric car. The delivery date is set for sometime in 2025. While the company's gas-powered cars are known for potent powerplants, according to an interview with Car and Driver, it's the lightweight side of his electric car that Pagani seeks to explore.

It's there, Pagani believes, that a battery-powered electric vehicle can make great strides. A number of electric cars produce serious power, but Pagani wants to be ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting curb weight. "It is more about lightweight vehicles with extremely good drivability. Transfer this to an electric vehicle, and you can imagine what we are looking for: an extremely light weight that will probably be a benchmark for electric cars in the future,” Pagani told C/D. Having a technical partnership with Daimler will only help him and his team achieve that goal.

This won't be a Pagani with a hybrid setup, mind you. Pagani feels that such a powertrain works against his ultimate goal. Though he drives and loves his own Porsche 918, he knows that when the batteries run dry he's carrying around 660 pounds of useless extra weight. That's why he prefers his own Pagani EV to have one form of power.

Pagani's company won't need to focus much on the electric powertrain, as Mercedes-Benz engineers have been working on EV powertrains for many years and Mercedes has recently announced that it is joining Formula E. Apparently, Pagani thinks he can get the electric powertrain from Mercedes as well.

Instead, Pagani's strategy will be to make sure the car is still highly enjoyable to drive. In fact, Pagani asked his engineers if it's possible to pair a manual gearbox with an electric motor. That's a new one.

We're constantly reminded that the future is still bright for automotive enthusiasts. From instant torque delivery to lowered centers of gravity, the EV revolution can be enjoyed by all. That's because of people like Horacio Pagani who want to keep driver happiness a priority in the electric future.