Warning: some cones were damaged during the filming of this video.

Having access to clear racetrack is a dream that sits high on many a car guy's automotive bucket list. Getting access a wide-open Nürburgring along with the keys to a BMW M4 CS seems like you're aiming a bit too high, especially if you're goal is to drift the car around the track instead of going for time.

That's not the case if you're world-class race driver Rhys Millen and you have the backing of Pennzoil. This duo have teamed up once again to produce an amazing video. This one is called, "Escaping the 'Ring."

The setting, as we've mentioned, is Germany's Green Hell. A mysterious man has broken into a Pennzoil development facility and his task is to steal a particular vehicle. It's a bright yellow BMW M4 CS, and it needs to be driven away from this facility. The only way to break the car free? By ripping across the 'Ring.

And by ripping, we mean mostly sideways with lots of tire smoke. After all, that's how Rhys Millen clearly prefers to drive. You can see his previous precision work that's taken us across an icy tundra, through the streets of Barcelona, into the virtual air, around Miami in a Viper, and through dimly lit streets in at the wheel of a Dodge Demon in a video that sets up the 'Ring video shown above

Millen drives the heck out of this BMW M4 CS and eventually finds his way off the 'Ring and out onto Germany's Autobahn. But there's a final shot of a tossed-aside cellphone that reveals there's more to this saga. So stay tuned for even more Pennzoil automotive action.

The director Ozan Biron and driver Rhys Millen are cranking out top-notch work here, so more of this is only a good thing. 

After you watch the video above, check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at how the creative people behind the production made the film. Both are worth a watch.