Last time we saw a bright yellow Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat storming through a deserted city landscape.

Now there’s a Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] 488 GTB doing the same and it, too, is dressed in yellow.

That can mean only one thing: the folks at Pennzoil have put together another of their awesome high-speed driving videos.

Like the original, which still gives us shivers, this new clip has been directed by the talented Ozan Biron. He’s filmed a number of top car-related features, including another, similar clip starring the BMW M4. You'll also recognize his work from some of the Need For Speed video games.

The latest is his most impressive yet, though. It was filmed on the streets of Barcelona, Spain and features professional racing driver Rhys Millen behind the wheel of the 660-horsepower supercar. And most of what you see is real, as you’ll discover by watching the second, behind-the-scenes video below.

We’re talking drifts through narrow tunnels and speeds of up to 160 mph on regular city roads. It goes without saying that the stunt was performance by professionals under strict conditions, so don’t try this at home.