In a few months, production of the Dodge Viper will cease.

Given our affinity for the car, especially in ACR trim, it’s going to be a sad moment the day the last one rolls off the line at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit. (That day is August 31, 2017 in case you were wondering.)

Pennzoil feels our pain and has come out with a fitting tribute that’s well worth the watch.

The video, “The last Viper,” is the latest in Pennzoil’s series of high-octane driving videos, all directed by the talented Ozan Biron. It involves what we can only presume is a professional driver recovering a stolen Viper from some unsavory types.

The star is a yellow Viper ACR which we get to see  storming through Miami. There are drifts, high-speed runs and even some air. And at the end of the clip, there’s a nod to the next great Dodge: the Challenger SRT Demon.