Honda engineers aren't the only group fixated on making various lawn care machines fast. The crew at BBC's "Top Gear" strapped The Stig into its modified tractor, appropriately called the track-tor, and happened to set a Guinness World Record for fastest tractor in the world.

The BBC made the announcement on Thursday ahead of Sunday's episode of "Top Gear," where hosts Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris will also try to break The Stig's record. The Stig clocked a top speed of 87.2 mph, which surpassed the old record of 80.7 mph. The tractor hit a speed that exceeds the speed limit (though not the speed many travel) on most local U.S. interstates. Let that sink in for a moment to understand just how fast the tractor is. 

The track-tor is not your average piece of farming equipment. It features a 5.7-liter small-block V-8 engine with four-wheel disc brakes, adjustable air suspension, and massive 54-inch tires. Output is estimated to hover around 500 horsepower. The track-tor also borrows its LED lights from the Ariel Atom and the exterior color mimics a Lamborghini orange.

Sunday's episode will also see the hosts take the track-tor on the freeway for shenanigans, compete in a hedge-trimming contest, and complete something called the "frozen vegetable challenge." We'll have to wait and see the outcome this Sunday.

In the meantime, we also await Honda's Mean Mower Mk2 Guinness World Record run, which should top 134 mph.