The California Air Resources Board may have spoiled one of the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro's surprises. According to a recently filed CARB document, the refreshed 2019 Camaro will add the Chevrolet Corvette's 7-speed manual transmission.

AutoGuide first discovered the document last Thursday, and it lists the 7-speed manual alongside the 8-speed automatic and the 6-speed manual transmission to go with the 6.2-liter V-8. The fact that both the 6-speed and 7-speed manual are listed is intriguing, but CARB documents are always subject to change. The addition of the 7-speed automatic could simply apply to only one Camaro variant, however, and the best candidate for that is the ZL1.

CARB 2019 Chevrolet Engine Chart

CARB 2019 Chevrolet Engine Chart

Motor Authority reached out to GM for comment on the 2019 Camaro and the potential 7-speed manual, and a spokesman's answer was, predictably that the company can't comment on any speculation or rumor about future product.

One transmission the document does not include for the Camaro is the 10-speed automatic. General Motors and Ford co-developed the 10-speed gearbox, and Chevrolet first rolled it out in the 2017 Camaro ZL1. The fact that no 10-speed is listed could mean no ZL1 will be offered, the 10-speed won't be offered for the ZL1, or the document is not yet complete. Ford has equipped more cars with the transmission thus far, as the Mustang GT gets it instead of just a high-end model like the ZL1. The F-150, Expedition, and Lincoln Navigator also use the transmission, and GM has begun to sprinkle the transmission into a few trucks and SUVs as well. The 10-speed auto fits rear-wheel-drive vehicles exclusively, while a new 9-speed automatic is finding its way into front-wheel-drive vehicles at GM.

The refreshed 2019 Camaro should arrive with tweaked exterior styling and could reshuffle equipment to make way for a more affordable V-8-powered car. Camaro SS sales have slipped in favor of the more affordable Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.