Do you remember the Morgan 3 Wheeler? You should, because it remains a hilariously enjoyable machine that delivers far more fun than you might expect.

From its buzzy S&S-supplied V-twin engine and cog-swapper swiped from the MX-5, the 3 Wheeler is an incredibly pure dose of heritage styling and ...heritage build quality. (British cars have not historically been known as well-assembled.)

Still, it's a blast to pilot and you'll be smiling even when something falls off unexpectedly. A few years ago, Morgan even teased an all-electric version that looks to add a bit of modern tech to this ancient package. That version, dubbed the EV3, is finally ready to eat some electrons and roast some tires.

Morgan originally planned to launch the EV3 sometime in 2017. A powertrain supplier didn't come through, so the British automaker had to find another source—which proved to be the folks at Frazer-Nash.

The EV3 now features a 21-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack that sends power to a liquid-cooled electric motor supplied by Frazer-Nash. Like the gasoline version, this 3-wheeler is rear-wheel-drive, so it should allow for plenty of tire-destroying shenanigans. In fact, the electric version could be even more fun than the gasoline one thanks to the glory of instant electric torque.

When you press down on the throttle, you can make use of 56 horsepower. To alleviate power-to-weight concerns, Morgan has reworked the body of the EV3 to swap some aluminum panels for ones crafted from carbon fiber. This 3-wheeler weighs less than 1,100 pounds.

Morgan will begin churning out these all-electric laugh factories in the third quarter of 2018. The world will be a better place once they start whirring around the local roads.