Morgan 3 Wheeler

  • 2022 Morgan Super 3

    A new three-wheeled Morgan powered by a Ford engine starts delivery this summer.

  • Morgan 3 Wheeler
    Jay Leno explains the history of the Morgan 3 Wheeler and why owning one is so much fun

    Morgan is ending production of the 3 Wheeler in 2021 but has hinted that a successor is coming.

  • Morgan EV3
    Morgan cans electric 3 Wheeler before production even starts

    Morgan won't build the EV3 but you can buy a more powerful electric three-wheeler from America's Vanderhall.

  • Morgan Motor Company celebrates its 110th anniversary
    Morgan introduces special models to celebrate its 110th anniversary

    In 2019, the Morgan Motor Company turns 110 years old. To celebrate, Morgan has cooked up a handful of special vehicles to commemorate the momentous occasion, the company announced on Tuesday They're called the 110 Anniversary models and a version of each will be offered for all four vehicles...

  • Vanderhall Edison² electric three wheeler
    Vanderhall Edison² electric 3-wheeler looks to beat Morgan to the punch

    Vanderhall is a company best known for its take on the reverse trike. These $30,000-or-so 3-wheelers are a fun alternative to driving any sort of normal 4-wheel means of conveyance. They don't have the charm of, say a Morgan 3 Wheeler, but they're entertaining enough in their own right. Now though...

  • Morgan EV3
    The Morgan EV3 will finally whir to life in 2018

    Do you remember the Morgan 3 Wheeler? You should, because it remains a hilariously enjoyable machine that delivers far more fun than you might expect. From its buzzy S&S-supplied V-twin engine and cog-swapper swiped from the MX-5, the 3 Wheeler is an incredibly pure dose of heritage styling and...

  • Morgan EV3 starts production with limited-edition run

    At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Morgan unveiled a glimpse into its future. It's the EV3, and it's an all-electric version of the company's beloved 3 Wheeler. A 62-horsepower electric motor pairs with a set of lithium-ion batteries to give the electron swilling EV3 a reported range of 150 miles. It will dash from 0-62 miles per hour in nine seconds, which is only a second behind the standard gas-drinking 3 Wheeler. Its classic styling manages to mesh neatly with more modern touches. Now, it's ready for production and a special limited-edition run is going to kick it all off. ALSO SEE: Audi to...

  • Morgan EV3
    Morgan enters 21st century with electric 3 Wheeler

    Tradition reigns supreme at British sports car builder Morgan, but the brand is taking a giant leap into the 21st century with its new, all-electric EV3 that it debuted this week at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It may have just three wheels, but the EV3 is Morgan's first production electric car, and...

  • Morgan EV3 electric 3 Wheeler prototype
    Morgan Bringing 4/4 80th Anniversary Model And EV3 Electric 3 Wheeler To Geneva

    Morgan, the British firm that builds advanced, high-tech sports cars that look like they stepped out of the first half of the last century, is headed to the 2016 Geneva Motor Show with two new additions. One is a special edition of Morgan’s 4/4, the company’s first car with four wheels...

  • Morgan EV3 electric 3 Wheeler prototype
    Morgan to premiere EV3 electric 3 Wheeler prototype at Goodwood

    We all know that the Morgan 3 Wheeler is one of the greatest tools that you can use to enter motoring heaven. It's an open-top, reverse-trike, motorcycle-engined marvel that's rooted in the past yet is still able to capture the imaginations of those in the present day. Looking towards the future...

  • Morgan 3 Wheeler
    Yes, the Morgan 3 Wheeler really is that awesome

    The most entertaining car on the road may have three wheels instead of four. At least, that's the opinion espoused by Motor Authority contributor Jeff Glucker in his review of the Morgan 3 Wheeler for Hooniverse. It may look like a bathtub on wheels, but this elemental vehicle offers a unique...

  • 2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler
    Morgan 3 Wheeler gets updates for 2014

    Every car needs an update once in awhile, even one with three wheels. The Morgan 3 Wheeler will get a few updates for 2014, including a revamped chassis and steering setup. The chassis has been strengthened to increase torsional stiffness, while the drivetrain has received a bit of attention to...

  • Morgan 3 Wheeler

    British sports car manufacturer Morgan has issued a recall on certain versions of its iconic 3 Wheeler because of missing warning labels on the vehicles’ brake fluid reservoirs. The recall affects both 2012 and 2013 model year 3 Wheelers, but only those examples built between October 2012 and July 2013. Morgan says there are 139 of its 3 Wheelers included in the latest recall in the U.S. alone. According to the company, the brake fluid reservoir on the affected vehicles does not have a filling warning label. Thus, these vehicles fail to conform to the requirement of Federal Motor...

  • Morgan 3 Wheeler courtesy of Morgan Motor Company
    Will Morgan's 3 Wheeler be its ticket to success in China?

    Morgan hopes its three-wheeled roadster, the M3W, will help the company stand out in the growing Chinese market.

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