At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Morgan unveiled a glimpse into its future. It's the EV3, and it's an all-electric version of the company's beloved 3 Wheeler.

A 62-horsepower electric motor pairs with a set of lithium-ion batteries to give the electron swilling EV3 a reported range of 150 miles. It will dash from 0-62 miles per hour in nine seconds, which is only a second behind the standard gas-drinking 3 Wheeler. Its classic styling manages to mesh neatly with more modern touches. Now, it's ready for production and a special limited-edition run is going to kick it all off.

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Morgan is partnering with nine British brands to celebrate the heritage of U.K. craftsmanship that will result in 19 cars. Those numbers—19 and 09—are significant: it's the year Morgan was founded. Additionally, one of the partners in this endeavor is the high-end Selfridges department store chain, which was also founded in 1909.

The other partners involved in the limited run will create special EV3 bits of kit. Linda Farrow is making driving goggles and Belstaff will have a jacket. Alexander McQueen has crafted a scarf, while Globetrotter is going to produce bespoke luggage. There's also racing overalls from Christopher Raeburn, and a leather driving helmet from Karl Donoghue. George Cleverly has a pair of driving shoes, which should pair quite well with the driving gloves from Dent. Finally, there's a tailored suit from Richard James.

We're sure it's all going to cost a fortune, but if you're going to buy the limited-run EV3 you might as well go all in. Deck yourself and ride out to the 09s.

(Morgan, feel free to steal that last line in your marketing material.)