The most entertaining car on the road may have three wheels instead of four.

At least, that's the opinion espoused by Motor Authority contributor Jeff Glucker in his review of the Morgan 3 Wheeler for Hooniverse. It may look like a bathtub on wheels, but this elemental vehicle offers a unique driving experience that even a Lamborghini Aventador can't match.

Granted, that's a polite way of saying the 3 Wheeler's petite size and open cockpit make highway speeds seem a lot more scary than they do in the average hatchback. At least that makes it easier to hear the air-cooled S&S V-Twin out front.

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The lack of bodywork and a fourth wheel also makes the 3 Wheeler remarkably light. At around 1,200 pounds, it can easily do 0 to 60 mph in in under six seconds, and reach a top speed of 115 mph. Everything that happens on the way there is communicated through manual steering and an eager Mazda MX-5 Miata transmission.

Plus, who wouldn't get a laugh out of cruising around in an old-timey contraption with a motorcycle engine hangng off the front, and RAF roundels on the sides?

The 3 Wheeler received a few updates for 2014, including a strengthened chassis and returned steering. Morgan has sold over 1,000 3 Wheelers since deliveries began in 2011, although the company had made similar models as late as the 1930s.