With Aston Martin choosing to revive the DBS nameplate for the replacement for the second-generation Vanquish, many have been left wondering whether the Vanquish nameplate, which tends to signify the fastest and most powerful member of Aston Martin's regular lineup, will ever return.

It turns out Aston Martin is simply saving it for its new mid-engine supercar due in 2020.

“Without saying yes, that sounds like a plausible solution for a beautiful name like Vanquish,” Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichmann told Australian media this week, including Motoring, when quizzed on whether the mid-engine supercar will be called a Vanquish.

Marek Reichmann

Marek Reichmann

And in case there was still any doubt, Reichmann confirmed that one of the remaining four cars in Aston Martin's Second Century plan calling for seven cars in seven years will be called a Vanquish. Considering that the remaining four cars (after the DB11, redesigned Vantage and DBS Superleggera) include the mid-engine supercar, an SUV, and two Lagonda electric cars, it's a safe bet on which car he's hinting at.

Reichmann wasn't willing to reveal much in the way of details on the mid-engine supercar but said it would rival the Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracán, and McLaren 720S. He also said it would benefit from lessons learned from the Valkyrie hypercar project and that a hybrid-based all-wheel-drive system was not out of the question. This ties in with comments made by Aston Martin CEO in 2016 that the next Vanquish could feature hybrid technology.

Carbon fiber, for both the body and internal structure, is also expected to play a role, and naturally it will have a beautiful shape linking it with the rest of the Aston Martin family. Reichmann said his design team has already crafted 12 scale and three full-size models and that a final design will be locked in soon.