Let's get this out of the way first: Yes, we know it's a kit car.

This Ferrari 330 P4 RCR is a pretty good kit though, and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to thrash thing on a good road or a racetrack. It's produced by a company called RCR, which makes some top-notch vintage race car replicas that ride on custom-built chassis. This one here is a replica of Ferrari's mighty P4 racing machine, and the owner decided to take it on a run to the store.

There's no chance you'd find an actual P4 just hanging out in the garage of a modest home. Ferrari built just four examples and they come complete with rip-snarling mid-mounted V-12 engine. The one in the video above reportedly features an LS3, which may have Enzo himself rolling in his grave. Not us though, as the sound it makes is that of a throaty, happy, loud V-8.

Rather than using the Honda Insight shown in the beginning of the video, the owner decides to take the RCR P4 to the store for some beer and then on to McDonalds. It's not every day you'll see a car that looks like this one (or sounds like it) running through the drive-thru. It can't be easy on the driver either.

Regardless, we can only stand back and salute the owner for taking this brash kit car out on a day's journey of errands.


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