While some automakers have plenty of expertise in electric powertrains, others haven't entered the realm. Bosch is hoping automakers will see past developing their own electric powertrain technology and fancy a ready-to-use unit instead. The automotive supplier has revealed its off-the-shelf solution for electric cars that can be applied to numerous vehicle applications.

Bosch's mobility solutions chief Dr. Rolf Bulander says the so-called "e-axle" combines the motor, transmission, and power control electronics all in one. It does not include the battery or software, which would have to be sourced or developed by the automaker.

This electric powertrain delivers between 67 and 402 horsepower and can be fitted to city cars, sedans, SUVs, and even light trucks. Bosch expects the electric powertrain to produce 738 pound-feet of torque in some applications as well. There's also the potential for automakers to simply source the unit as supplemental power for a plug-in hybrid vehicle. Or, to take it a step further, the electric motor could be attached to a performance application for future hybrid sports cars.

Bosch describes the e-axle as a "start-up" for those looking to expand into electrified powertrains. The company thinks its electric powertrain could save some automakers and other companies substantial amounts of money in developing their own solutions. Bosch has been working with electric and plug-in cars for years now, and has therefore gathered a wealth of knowledge surrounding the powertrain.

Production of the electric powertrain is planned for some time in 2019 at the latest.