Last week we saw Bosch reveal its "e-axle" off-the-shelf" electric powertain solution for automakers who don't have the means or inclination to develop their own.

Now another company is doing something similar. GKN Driveline, a leading supplier of automotive drivelines and technologies, introduced the "eTwinsterX" at the Frankfurt auto show. The eTwinsterX is an integrated electric drive unit designed to serve as primary source of power or as a secondary powertrain system in a hybrid application. GKN provides electric-drive units for Porsche, Volvo, and BMW, among others.

GKN says its unit is significantly smaller than systems with equivalent power outputs, and that size makes it adaptable to a number of chassis configurations and vehicle types. The company says it will work in rear-, front-, and all-wheel-drive setups. In fact, GKN says it is the first eAxle with full off-road capability.

The eTwinsterX uses a two-speed transmission. This provides more balance between acceleration and top speed as compared to a single-speed setup. Additionally, the eTwinsterX can vector its torque output between the driven wheels.

Imagine snagging a chassis from Williams, an eAxle from Bosch or GKN, and a battery from Tesla. You could start your own EV company.


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