BMW is busy readying the revival of its storied 8-Series nameplate and we know for sure it will first begin with a two-door variant. However, the 8-Series' future lineup may include a four-door Gran Coupe model as well.

The latest information comes from BMW Blog, which reports a BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe will arrive in late 2019 and follow the 8-Series Coupe. It would provide a full house for the 8-Series, which is expected to include not only the coupe but a convertible and an M8 variant as well. If an 8-Series Gran Coupe does become come about, it's easy to imagine it as a slightly stretched version of the regular coupe model.

BMW first previewed the production 8-Series with a concept car earlier this year, but we've already caught prototypes testing in the wild. Much like the handsome concept, the 8-Series looks long, wide, and planted. Thanks to BMW's CLAR platform, which first debuted with the 2016 7-Series, the 8-Series and its family of variants should tip the scales with relatively light curb weights for large luxury vehicles. Powertrains will likely include V-8 and V-12 options, though a plug-in hybrid doesn't seem far fetched either.

Production of the 8-Series is expected to begin in 2018, which would see the car arrive in 2019 as a 2020 model year vehicle. If the most-recent intel proves true, an 8-Series Gran Coupe would arrive in the third-quarter of 2019. When we may see the M8 and 8-Series convertible remains a mystery, however.