• Automated valet trial at airport in Stuttgart, Germany

    The fully autonomous valet is now a reality at an airport in Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Bosch electronic stability control system
    Bosch's electronic stability control system has been saving lives for 25 years

    Bosch, which developed the first stability control system in 1995, claims the system has saved 15,000 lives.

  • Daimler and Bosch self-driving car prototype in Silicon Valley
    Daimler and Bosch start self-driving service in Silicon Valley

    The service is on a trial basis at present and open to select users only.

  • Bosch Pyrofuse
    Bosch uses mini explosions to stop EVs

    Typically, the last thing you'd want happening as the result of an automobile collision is an explosion, but in some cases, a controlled blast might make the difference between life and death. The best example of a life-saving explosion is the result of a chemical reaction inside an air bag...

  • Bosch self-driving shuttle concept
    Bosch bringing self-driving car concept to 2019 CES

    Bosch in 2019 will start trials of an on-demand self-driving car service with partner Daimler. The service will run between downtown and west San José, California, along the busy San Carlos/Stevens Creek corridor, and initially only select users will participate in the trials. However, Bosch...

  • Self-driving cars
    Bosch and Daimler pick Nvidia AI chip for self-driving cars

    Bosch and Daimler, two of Germany's biggest automotive firms, announced Wednesday that they have selected Nvidia's Drive Pegasus artificial intelligence computer chip and supporting software to power their future self-driving systems. The computer chip can handle over 320 trillion operations per...

  • Bosch working on air jets to stop motorcycle crashes

    Auto industry supplier Bosch is working on some pretty experimental technology to keep motorcyclists safer, and one of the projects involves air jets. Yes, air jets on a motorcycle. Bosch revealed the experimental project last Thursday. It uses a sensor to detect wheel slip. When the motorcycle's wheels begin to slide sideways, due to gravel, rain, or other slick conditions, it loses lateral tire friction and it that can make it difficult for the rider to right the bike. Without enough lateral friction, a crash ensues and the bike spills onto the road. However, the air jets could change this...

  • Bosch iDisc brakes
    Bosch iDisc brakes are the cleaner, more durable brakes for the future

    While regulations surrounding emission standards often focus on tailpipe emissions, brakes and tires actually contribute 32 percent of driving-related particulate emissions. Half of that comes from brake dust alone. On Wednesday, Bosch revealed its answer to a cleaner brake disc called the iDisc...

  • Nikola One
    Electric news: Bosch and Nikola team up on hydrogen semis, Camel Group invests in Rimac

    Two major movements occurred this week on the alternative-propulsion front. First, Croatian firm Rimac, responsible for the insane Concept_One supercar, announced Chinese battery manufacturer Camel Group has invested $36 million into its future operations. Second, Bosch announced it will join...

  • Bosch electric powertrain
    Bosch develops off-the-shelf powertrain for electric cars

    While some automakers have plenty of expertise in electric powertrains, others haven't entered the realm. Bosch is hoping automakers will see past developing their own electric powertrain technology and fancy a ready-to-use unit instead. The automotive supplier has revealed its off-the-shelf...

  • Mercedes-Benz and Bosch Automated Valet Parking
    Mercedes and Bosch reveal fully automated valet

    Over the past few years, we’ve seen a handful of demonstrations of automated valet systems. Mercedes-Benz and Bosch are now taking the next step by implementing just such a system, in this case at the multi-storey car park of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. You simply drive to...

  • Self-driving taxi service envisioned by Mercedes-Benz and Bosch
    Mercedes working on ‘Level 5’ self-driving car with Bosch

    The scale and complexity, not to mention cost, of developing self-driving cars is causing a lot of consolidation behind the scenes. For example, Volvo has joined forces with Autoliv; BMW with Intel and Mobileye (soon to be owned by Intel); and now Mercedes-Benz has also announced it will work with...

  • BMW Safety Moto GP Water Injection

    BMW in 2015 launched a version of its M4 equipped with a water-injection system. The technology, available in the aftermarket for years, is able to boost output while also improving efficiency, the downside being the added weight and inconvenience of a water tank that owners will have to top up every few fuel stops. The engine still works without the water, though in a reduced power and efficiency mode. Bosch is the maker of the system and in an interview with Autocar one of the automotive supplier’s senior executives said the system is being made available to other automakers. The...

  • Bosch e-kart concept
    Bosch creates electric go-kart

    Bosch has created an electric go-kart that could change the face of entry-level motorsports. Electric cars are known for, among other things, their instantaneous torque delivery. Simply press the pedal and, unless they have been tuned otherwise, they can deliver up to 100 percent of the motor's...

  • VW TDI badge
    Bosch knew about VW's "defeat device" in 2007: Report

    According to multiple German-language media outlets, automotive parts supplier Bosch knew about the Volkswagen Group's 'defeat device' software as early as 2007. Details come from Bild am Sonntag, which first reported that Bosch designed the software to be used in testing applications, and that it...

  • Car2Go Smart ForTwo Electric Drive in San Diego
    Fully Automated Parking: Coming Soonish To A Garage Near You

    Self-driving cars might have a great track record safety-wise, but truly autonomous rides are likely at least a decade away from the market. Because even if the technology was perfected tomorrow, reams of legislation remains to be written to govern how consumers can use them. ALSO SEE: Jaguar Land...

  • Teaser for Quant e-Sportlimousine concept
    Bosch Joins nanoFLOWCELL’s Quant Electric Sports Sedan Project

    At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show next month, a little known startup by the name of nanoFLOWCELL will show off the second iteration of an electric sports sedan labeled the Quant. The first Quant was shown in 2010 and was the result of a partnership between nanoFLOWCELL founder Nunzio La Vecchia and...

  • Bosch eClutch electronic clutch
    Never Stall Again Thanks To Bosch eClutch

    Just five percent of new vehicles in the U.S. are sold with a manual transmission these days--a small band of enthusiasts or the penny-pinching keeping the increasingly archaic but undeniably fun stick-shift alive. Technology can still play a part in the humble manual though--and those embarrassing...

  • Bosch’s Aston Martin DB9 plug-in hybrid prototype

    Bosch is out to show that in a world of ever-tightening emissions regulations, performance cars can still have a place. To prove its point, the German supply giant built an Aston Martin DB9 plug-in hybrid capable of delivering 740 horsepower. The vehicle is strictly a prototype and was built to showcase Bosch’s plug-in hybrid technology, which has been developed so that it can be installed in various vehicle types. The technology combines an internal combustion engine with an electric drive system in a ‘through-the-road’ hybrid setup. Incidentally, this makes Bosch’s...

  • Bosch autonomous car technology
    Bosch Gives Update On Its Autonomous Car Development: Video

    Major automotive supplier Bosch has given an update on the development of its autonomous car technology, which it says will first start appearing on new cars by as early as 2014. The development of autonomous car technology is a gradual one but it’s already in its deeper stages. That's...

  • Conventional versus sparkless ignition - Image courtesy of GM
    Bosch hard at work on sparkless ignition HCCI engine

    A few years ago sparkless ignition or homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) in gasoline engines was all the rage, with a number of major automakers including General Motors, Daimler and Volkswagen all investigating its benefits. Since then, not much has been heard of the technology whereas...

  • 2009 VW Passat wagon test car w/Bosch-Mahle turbocharged 1.2-liter, 3-cyl engine, from
    3-Cyl Volkswagen Passat: An Insight Into Extreme Downsizing

    Think turbocharger and you may think high performance, but the latest generation of cars are using turbochargers in order to maintain performance whilst engine capacity decreases in the push for improved fuel economy. Volkswagen is no stranger to forced induction, having used turbochargers on...

  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell
    Mercedes-Benz Partners With Bosch For Full Scale Production Of Electric Drivetrains In 2012

    The parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, has signed a deal with automotive parts supplier Bosch to expand their long-standing partnership and cooperate in the development and production of electric drivetrains that will eventually feature in a number of new production models. The two industry...

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