According to multiple German-language media outlets, automotive parts supplier Bosch knew about the Volkswagen Group's 'defeat device' software as early as 2007.

Details come from Bild am Sonntag, which first reported that Bosch designed the software to be used in testing applications, and that it made clear to VW the code would not be legal for production vehicles. Not surprisingly, the motive for deploying the software was cost-based, and it spared the company the expense of adding a pollution-countering AdBlue urea solution system to some of its TDI models. 

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While Bosch, the world's biggest supplier, was not responsible for the final application of the technology, it's unclear whether its knowledge regarding the existence of the emissions-evading software exposes the company to legal liability.

There was no comment from VW or Bosch regarding the latest revelation in the rapidly developing story.

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