The Volkswagen Group will recall 11 million TDI diesel cars to fix 'defeat device' software which deliberately misleads emissions equipment, Reuters is reporting. The move is expected to cost at least $6.5 billion. 

Yesterday, it was revealed automotive supplier Bosch knew about the defeat device in 2007.

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According to the VW Group, which became the world's largest automaker this year, affected cars will be "refitted" to bring them in line with pollution control mandates in the United States and Europe. At this point, it's unclear exactly what the refitting will entail, and whether there will be a hardware component—like the implementation of a AdBlue urea solution system—along with the software update.

It's widely expected any fix will have a negative impact on both power and fuel economy.

The German giant is already facing lawsuits from consumers who feel they were misled, along with a potential $18 billion in fines from the Environmental Protection Agency—and that's in the U.S. only. 

For more on the many moving parts of this developing story, head to our dedicated VW hub. VW also has a special website ( providing information for concerned owners. 


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