Last week, as part of the fallout from the developing dirty diesel scandal, the Volkswagen Group announced a company restructuring designed to delegate more responsibility to the brand's core platforms.

Part of the administrative shift involved the creation of a new North America Region comprising the United States, Mexico and Canada. And today, Volkswagen's Supervisory Board announced that former Skoda Auto CEO Winfried Vahland will become President and CEO of Volkswagen NAR effective November 1st, 2015.

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Vahland joined the Volkswagen Group in 1990, after a period with General Motors Company [NYSE:GM]. 

Martin Horn, President and CEO of Volkswagen North America—widely expected to follow former CEO Martin Winterkorn in exiting the company—will remain the top boss in America. The support of Volkswagen’s National Dealer Advisory Council was a key factor in the board's decision to retain him.    

For more on the many moving parts of this developing story, head to our dedicated Volkswagen hub. Volkswagen also has a special website ( providing information for concerned owners. 


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