Flipping through pages is so 2016. Genesis wants to bring luxury into the future with the launch of its augmented reality (AR) owner's manual application.

Instead of opening up a thick booklet of information, augmented reality allows the owner to simply point his or her smartphone or smart device at an area of the car and receive the information they are searching for. The app makes 135 how-to videos and 25 3D overlays available to provide owners of the 2017 Genesis G80 or G90 with help and guidance during their ownership.

For example, pointing the smartphone at the engine gives augmented reality maintenance instructions for each part of the engine. Other major components that are treated to AR include the interior, exterior, and instrument cluster.

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From simple procedures such as setting the clock to understanding various instrument cluster indicators and warning lights, the AR owner's manual will guide owners through the entire car. 2D and 3D trackers and the smart device's camera help produce the AR and virtual reality images and also identify various components, such as interior buttons to explain their functions.

Genesis has tried to keep up its cutting edge appeal with advancements like this. Earlier, the luxury brand announced Amazon Alexa integration and a Genesis smartwatch application to further connect owners with their cars.

Genesis says the AR will be compatible with 2018 model year vehicles later this year.