Want to feel like you're living in the future? Start talking to your watch and have it tell your car what to do.

That's what Genesis owners will be able to do when they download a new app for their smartwatch. For those owners who also have an Apple Watch or an Android Wear timepiece, the new Genesis SmartWatch app will whisk them a few years into the future thanks to all of its controls and features.

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It works by pairing Genesis Connected Services and the integration of Amazon's Alexa technology to bring voice controls to your wrist. You can remotely start or stop the engine. Locking and unlocking the doors? Absolutely. More importantly, you'll also be able to monitor the status of your vehicle, find it in a parking lot, and also keep track of a meter if you've parked in such a location.

If you don't have a smartwatch, you certainly have a phone with above average intelligence. Genesis has features for you as well. From owner's manuals to service appointment scheduling, you'll be able to handle a lot of features right through your phone.

Both the phone app and the one for your fancy watch work in concert with the MyGenesisUSA.com website. This is an online portal that also offers a lot of features you'll find in the apps.