The Nissan Skyline GT-R represents a platform that is good in many facets of the motorsport world.

The R35 version, which is no longer Skyline-based, is built with an engine that is ready to receive massive modifications and then return 4-figure horsepower numbers and face-melting straight line blasts. Older Skyline GT-Rs, however, find love in road racing, and one specific R34 version has been prepped to assault hill climb events.

Wrapped with Super GT-style body kit, this yellow tarmac murderin' machine is producing a mighty 900 horsepower. That would be delivered from the famed RB26DETT engine, which is a 2.6-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 beloved by engine geeks the world over. Here it's ready to spin to over 9,000 rpm. Yes, it's over 9,000! Get your jokes in on that one below, please.

The car sounds positively possessed as it screams up the hill. You can hear just how quickly the throttle responds and the gearbox shifts, and you can see how quickly the GT-R rips past the various cameras on the hill.

This run took place during the recent Jaguar Simola Hill Climb in South Africa. The car took fourth in its class with a very fast time of just over 42 seconds. Two of the top three cars ahead of it in class? They were GT-Rs as well. Perhaps next time, though, the monster R34 should face off against this Alfa Romeo?