What happens when an old truck is tuned to make 1,200 horsepower from a Cummins diesel engine? Rubber is burned, and plumes of tire smoke are created.

Hoonigan had Chuckle's Garage stop by with this monster: a vintage Ford pickup truck turned into a lean, mean, racing machine. As mentioned, it makes 1,200 hp from a couple of turbos and a Cummins diesel engine. However, it's not a regular Cummins diesel we're talking about.

The engine is actually a 5.9-liter V-8 Cummins engine from a Freightliner truck. So, already it's poised for power. Then, Chuckle's Garage added the turbos and cranked the boost up to a massive 106 psi to reach the lofty horsepower figure.

However, we're not here to just run down a spec sheet—we're here to see the truck burn some rubber. As you can imagine, it has no issues doing just that. Although it sounds like a school bus from hell, the power pushed to the rear wheels is extraordinary and the smoke show is initiated with ease. The 1,200-hp figure isn't to the crankshaft...it's to the wheels. After just a few moments, it's hard to see anything, including the driver inside the cabin.

We hope he likes the scent of burnt rubber.