Prepare to be divided, all ye Porsche fans who click play on the video above. This is one of the all-time greats in a 911 lineup filled with plenty of great machines. We're talking about the iconic Porsche 930, in all of its whale-tail glory. It would normally be packing an angry turbocharged flat-6 engine. This one has a turbo, too, but it's from a very different place than Germany.

This particular Porsche at one point received a V-8 swap. That's a big engine to have hanging out over the rear end. The owner wanted to go with something different, and he went in a very different direction. Now there's a 4-cylinder Honda K20A2 out back, and it's actually a rather wonderful choice for a car like this.

Some of you, at this point, are probably screaming. Others are already nodding along knowingly. The Honda K-Series engines are stout, reliable, and can be tuned to make strong power numbers. This one would've come from an Acura RSX Type S, assuming it was taken from a USDM car. This type of engine also powered the second-generation Civic Type R, and the Integra Type R sold in Australia and New Zealand.

The K20A2 should be able to rev higher and more quickly than the original Porsche engine that was bolted back there, and it should produce consistent, reliable power. It's certainly lighter than any flat-6 or V-8 that was placed back there, which means it's going to offer a better driving experience as well. This is a smart, unique, and very interesting swap and we hope more people come up with fun builds like this one.

The 911 accounts for the first half of the video. We then get into an old Lincoln Continental and a new Lexus IS. It's the Porsche we care about here, though, so feel free to watch for the first eight minutes or so, then click off. Not that the other cars are bad.


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