The Nissan GT-R has become a beloved vehicle by many performance shops to push big horsepower numbers and break records. On June 19, another GT-R claimed yet another record.

In fact, it became the world's fastest Nissan GT-R in the process. With 3,000 horsepower, the Extreme Turbo Systems Nissan GT-R was able to clock a 252 mph trap speed in the half-mile at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack. But, wait, there was more.

After the 252 mph run, the team ran the GT-R again—no rest for the wicked, as they say. On its second run, the GT-R moved at lightning speed down the runway after the driver performed a well-executed soft launch, ensuring the tires didn't break loose all of a sudden.

This time, the GT-R scooted down the runway and clocked a speed of 255 mph at the half-mile point. So, the team not only broke the world record once, they smashed their own record during the same day. With 3,000 hp on tap, we suppose that's not so far-fetched, but still mighty impressive, no doubt.

For a bit of perspective, the previous record-holder for the world's fastest Nissan GT-R went 255.2 on a mile stretch; this GT-R outdid that speed in just a half-mile. Again, a seriously impressive feat. Check out the record-breaking runs in the video above.