The workforce of Silicon Valley may have a stereotype of driving efficient and luxurious vehicles, but Google's Vice President of Engineering, Ben Sloss, kicks that idea to the curb.

He's the same executive who placed the winning bid for a special Ferrari 599XX Evo in a charity auction and whose wife tracks a Ferrari FXX K. Engineering executive during the week, track day warrior by the weekend.

This time, though, Sloss discusses the latest addition to his garage of performance and track cars: a Dodge Viper ACR. Not only does he own one of the most coveted Vipers in existence, but he also utilized the Viper's "1 of 1" program, meaning, Sloss' Viper ACR is unlike any other in the world.

And saying the Google executive likes his Viper ACR is an understatement. The smiles produced by the Viper ACR's track weaponry are fully genuine with each camera pan as Sloss describes how the ACR felt during a track day outing. Sloss goes on to state that the Viper ACR led him to his fastest lap time outside of a $1 million car, undercutting his lap time goal of 1:36 by two seconds.

Again, you'd think Sloss would be a sensible guy with his technological and engineering background. But, no. He even dailies the Viper ACR to work on occasion. Maybe our initial stereotype is utterly wrong since even Sloss acknowledges the fact most engineering types house a love for high-performance driving. Recall, Bill Gates was a massive Porsche 959 fan back in the day. And if it's high-performance driving to love, the Viper ACR delivers those feelings in spades, outmuscling the impeccable 918 Spyder and P1. Check out Sloss' story in the video.