Routine maintenance and service visits for the Porsche 918 Spyder sure do look like a the utmost opposite sense of the idea. With a 4.6-liter V-8 engine and two electric motors working in concert to produce 875 horsepower and 944 pound-feet of torque, Porsche has some serious engineering lurking beneath the skin.

Reddit user USBROOKS posted a photo of one 918, in his or her own words, “getting some work done.” It looks like a heck of a lot of work to just get “some” odds and ends done. That includes near disassembly of the back half and the deconstruction of the hypercar’s exhaust system to gain access to the various intricate systems underneath.

While looking like an utter pain in a complete and total sense, extra precaution by technicians is taken where any work is being performed. This is evidenced by the blue masking tape covering all areas that may encounter a ding, scratch, or any other various whoops-a-daisies.

We don’t want to even fathom what an estimate for minor damage to a 918 Spyder would run, considering the base price tallied in at $847,000 when it went on sale several years ago. Though, a $1.5 million sale price is not uncommon today.

A wrecked 918 Spyder recently surfaced with a repair bill of $600,000 after unknown occurrences left it in a seriously battered state. So, yes, it’s good to be careful around these cars.