Some children in West Sussex, England are getting some help looking like a million bucks—even if they don't feel like a million bucks just yet.

Rolls-Royce has created a special car for patients undergoing surgery to help transport kids to operating rooms. The Rolls-Royce SRH is a small electric car that transports sick children around the hospital, and we think that's just the tops. 

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars operates out of West Sussex, so it has a keen interest in lending a helping hand to the local hospital. That's why this car came to be, and it's going to run down corridors that are now lined with traffic signs. The goal here is to calm the children down and reduce any stress they might have as they head into an operating room.

This build comes from the minds and hearts of the Bespoke team at Rolls-Royce. It's been given the same attention to detail that the full-size Rollers would receive. On the outside is a two-tone paints that's finished with a hand-painted red coachline. Inside, the two-tone design continues on the steering wheel and seats. At each corner, you'll find a set of wheels that are fitted with the familiar self-centering center cap logos.

We can't have a V-12 lugging along inside a hospital, so this SRH is instead fitted with a 24-volt gel battery. It produces enough power to propel this little luxury sled along on to a top speed of 24 mph. You can tone that down, however, and limit speed to just 4 mph in closer quarters.

The only thing we'd want to be faster? Their recoveries.


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