You've got the low handicap. You win all the tournaments. You're the king of your local country club. Golf is your life, and you enjoy all the time you spend chasing that little white ball down those rolling verdant fairways. Show the other members just how serious you take this sport when you roll up to the pro shop in your own Camaro golf cart.

A company called Caddyshack Golf Carts has the officially licensed dibs on this scaled-down Camaro. It has Camaro badges, 14-inch Camaro wheels, and the paint is actually PPG on the body and canopy. The headlights, taillights, and horn all work. Power to the wheels comes courtesy of a 48v AC Drive electric power.

That's good enough for a top speed of just under 20 miles per hour.

It would've been a bit more fun though, if the company made this the RS version. The SS should get a small gasoline engine. I'd hold out for the arrival of the ZL1 Camaro cart, however, because my tee game is so long that I need the extra speed to cover all that distance in the shortest amount of time. Perhaps the 1LE is the better tool for Bethpage Black?

We'll be here all week, folks.


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