Those looking for a back-to-basics sports car with a seriously stunning design now have a unique option in the Jannarelly Design-1.

Jannarelly is the creation of French designer Anthony Jannarelly, the man responsible for the aggressive lines of the $3.4 million W Motors Lykan Hypersport, and its first product is a lightweight roadster sporting retro design cues and modern mechanicals.

The Design-1 will be available in the United States from November 2016. The first examples will be special launch edition models, priced from $84,000. Crucially, the cars will be street legal in all states.

Jannarelly selected VanDouble Enterprises as its official importer in the U.S. VanDouble was started by amateur racers Dennis van Laerhoven and Jaap van Riel and has completed the complicated process of getting the Design-1 registered for road use.

Jannarelly Design-1

Jannarelly Design-1

The cars are all hand-made and can be customized in numerous ways. For example, buyers can add aerodynamic aids or a hard-top roof. They can even select to have the windscreen removed.

All Design-1s feature a bespoke tubular chassis made from steel and aluminum and a body that’s a mix of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Power comes from a mid-mounted 3.5-liter V-6 sourced from Nissan, and drive is to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual and limited-slip differential.

A 300-horsepower output is standard but Jannarelly is preparing upgrades for even higher numbers. With the standard setup, the Design-1 should hit 60 mph from rest in under 4.0 seconds and max out at approximately 135 mph.

Potential rivals include the more utilitarian Ariel Atom as well as the much pricier—and Atom-based—Rezvani Beast.