An empty road and a recent sports car acquisition lead to one of the great joys in life. Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained recently bought a Honda S2000, and now he's found a curvy canyon road, dropped the top, and set off to see what his car can do. Along the way, he manages to share some insight into the car and some of his plans for its future.

First up, it's clear that he'll need to buy some better tires. The car wears some cheap rubber at the moment, and Jason is a man who understands the need for good tires. Proper running gear for your car is crucial, and you'd think more people would understand why it's important to pay more for better tires. The are, after all, the only four points of contact for your car and the road.

The suspension of the S2000 is stiff, but Jason can live with and he doesn't feel the need to swap in coil-overs. He also hasn't experienced the rear end stepping out without warning, even though that's something that reportedly happens with the car. Still, he mentions that he's considered easing up the stiffness in the rear to mitigate oversteer before it happens.

Keep watching and you'll see that Jason also gets into the clutch action, power delivery, trunk space, and, as an aside, the gearing of the Ford Mustang GT.

He tops it all off with a run up to the S2000's redline of 9,000 rpm. That alone is enough reason to watch this video.

Click play above and learn even more about the S2000.