Remember that 2002 Honda S2000 that Jason from Engineering Explained recently acquired? Well, he's already set to wrenching on it because, well, that's what he does. In this video, Jason is installing a fresh timing chain tensioner, as it seems this is a potential failure area for the Honda S2000.

The engine in the S2000 makes use of a Borg Warner-sourced timing chain. It's an incredibly durable bit of engine kit that lasts as long as the car will. It should never break. It will, however, stretch over time and this can lead to issues. 

When the timing chain stretches, this messes up the timing of the camshaft and crankshaft synchronization. This will also lead to that timing chain tensioner failure. Thankfully, this is a Honda we're talking about here, so the parts to address this issue are available in pretty much any store that sells anything. They probably stock them at Walmart.

Jason is going with an aftermarket unit produced by a company called Ballade Sport. It's a billet aluminum piece that fixes the issue mentioned above while also managing to raise oil pressure. This is done by design on the Ballade end, as the piece also increases the internal spring rate of the piston so that it compensates for a stretched timing chain.

If you want to learn all about this, you've got 12 minutes of Sunday morning viewing ahead of you. If you just want to watch the repair, then jump to the 6:17 mark.