Ice driving experiences are all the rage these days. Put a high-horsepower machine on snow and you get slow-speed thrills and learn some valuable driving lessons in a gorgeous environment. The latest automaker to join the icy, sliding fun is McLaren, which will soon offer the Pure McLaren Arctic Experience all the way up in Ivalo, Finland.

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With this announcement, McLaren joins Lamborghini with its Winter Academy, Mercedes-AMG with its winter driving school, and Jaguar-Land Rover with its Classic Ice Driving school, among others. From January 15 to February 3, 2017, McLaren will bring its 570S coupe to the Arctic Circle for what should prove to be an unforgettable time for those who attend.

Pure McLaren Ice Driving Experience

Pure McLaren Ice Driving Experience

The winter testing facility is set 200 miles into the Arctic Circle, and it's there where drivers and guests will get the McLaren cars sideways under the tutelage of a team of professional drivers. Additionally, occupants will experience a husky safari, a snowmobile expedition, and wonderful accommodations and dining. It's the luxury affair one would expect of an event put on by McLaren.

It won't be cheap, though. The pricing for this adventure starts at just over $15,000 per person. That doesn't include your flight to Finland, mind you. It does include your three days of lodging and meals, airport transfers, and two days of driving on a mix of tracks.