The Porsche Carrera GT is a truly stunning machine that makes some of the greatest noises on the planet. It's a German spaceship. A rare wonderful automobile, with fewer than 1,300 copies produced.

One YouTube user, who goes by the handle Maxoge, owns one of those copies. Keen on seeing what his V-10-powered exotic can do, he took it to the Nürburgring to find out.

According to the video description, this is one of the first times Maxoge has driven the car on the 'Ring. There's some traffic in the beginning of the video, but it all opens up for the Carrera GT a bit later on.

Driving the Nürburgring is an amazing experience in any car. Doing so in a Porsche Carrera GT would be absolutely legendary, and the driver here has quite a handle on a car that is reportedly quite a handful. The GoPro, or other similar camera, used to film the video manages to capture a wonderful view both in the car and out thanks to the flat lighting outside.

What the camera cannot capture adequately, however, is the visceral sensation that comes with hearing a Carrera GT driven in anger in the flesh. The noise is truly otherworldly. The V-10 hums and howls and it pushes the Porsche firmly into unicorn status.