Think you can really drive well on ice? Odds are that traction control, stability control, anti-lock brakes, and perhaps even all-wheel drive are helping turn you into the hero that you actually aren't.

Still think you have the goods? Jaguar-Land Rover is giving you a chance to prove it, or better yet, learn how to truly handle a vehicle on ice.

Starting this winter, Jaguar-Land Rover will offer a Classic Ice Driving school at the company's winter testing facility in the Arctic Circle. Located in the north of Sweden in a town called Arjeplog, the school will give students the chance to drive classics like the Jaguar XJ, MKII, MKVII, and XK150, as well as the Land Rover Series I, Series II, Series III, and Range Rover Classic on slick surfaces.

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Not only won't these vehicles have any of the modern control systems mentioned above, most won't even have power steering.

As a result, the cars will do only what you tell them to, without any computer-controlled systems to save your bacon.

And for those who want to better learn how to handle a modern car on ice and snow, JLR offers that, too, at the same facility.

Of course, the school won't be the only part of the experience. Attendees will stay at a luxury hotel on Arjeplog and take in the local flavor. Odds are you'll eat reindeer.

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