Mercedes-Benz has a winter driving school here in North America. What we do not have, however, is an AMG winter driving school. That's changing, though, as the more powerful Benz cars are set to hit this continent this coming winter. If you're interested, better start acting friendly and drinking syrup because it's all going down in Canada.

Previously, the AMG winter driving program was only offered in Sweden. Now Lake Winnipeg is getting in on the snow-sliding action. The plan, according to the Winnipeg Free Press, is to offer a pair of programs over the course of five weeks. It all starts in January and wraps up by the end of February.

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Mercedes-AMG will offer a three-day advanced program or a four-day advanced plus program. If you want the regular old beginner's program, go for the Mercedes-Benz winter driving school, not the AMG version. If you're going to attend the AMG version, just get out there and start going sideways. That sounds fine by us really, as any overpowered car out on the snow with the right tires is truly a treat.

Being that this is all happening in Canada, we have to imagine that the locals will not view this as a winter driving program. Instead, it will just be considered "driving."