It seems that Mercedes-Benz is inching closer to revealing it's forthcoming all-electric sub-brand. These electric sub-brands are all the rage right now with automakers, and it's almost shocking that Mercedes hasn't come to market with its own yet. We know it's coming and now, thanks to Auto Express, we might finally know what to call it.

Hands are often tipped at the trademark office. That's what's going on here as Mercedes is laying claim to the prefix EQ. Apparently, Mercedes seeks to book up the lettering that ranges from EQA up through EQX. Rumor has it that the sub-brand will fall under the name MEQ.

You know what's more fun than alphabet soup? Actual names! Unfortunately, the days of giving cars real names are long behind us. We praise any automaker with the creativity to come up with a real word for a new car. Heck, we'd stand and applaud if an automaker would make up a word that isn't simply a jumble of numbers and letters.

Still, an all-electric lineup will work just fine if its names sound like the latest bits of software and electronic hardware. Additionally, Mercedes has always used an alphanumeric system for its vehicles. That doesn't mean Mercedes can't go out on a limb and name the MEQ halo vehicle the Mercedes-Benz Starkiller or AMG Zaptomatron. It just means the company won't.

This, by the way, is why automakers don't always listen to what we have to say...