Swiss design firm Rinspeed is constantly trying to predict the automotive landscape of the future. In recent years the company has bet big on self-driving technology, and concepts like the XchangE, Budii and Etos have been the result.

Rinspeed’s latest concept, which makes its world debut next January at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, is the Oasis, and in keeping with the self-driving theme the concept is fully autonomous. Rinspeed says there’s still a steering wheel, though the sensation of driving the car is likely akin to being behind the wheel of a golf cart.

The Oasis certainly makes a lot of sense for busy cities, and Rinspeed says the car is ideal for car sharing, which a lot of people are predicting will be commonplace once self-driving cars start hitting the roads. The company envisages the Oasis being used for commuting in the morning, making deliveries during the day, and taking people out for entertainment at night.

Teaser for Rinspeed Oasis concept debuting at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

Teaser for Rinspeed Oasis concept debuting at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

Inside, there’s a lounge-like feel and the windshield serves as a screen for virtual as well as augmented reality. There’s even an area at the front of the vehicle that can be used to grow flowers or some herbs for the kitchen, because why stop gardening just because you have to take a trip into the city.

Enthusiasts shouldn’t hate the idea of cars like the Oasis. If all the people that see driving as a chore—as opposed to something to be enjoyed—start giving up their cars and switching to car sharing, that should free up the roads for us car nuts.

The 2017 CES runs from January 5-8 in Las Vegas. For our coverage on past shows, head to our dedicated hub.