One of the worst kept secrets in the auto industry is that Apple is working an a self-driving electric car. According to recent news, though, the project might end before it's even confirmed.

That spurred us to post our recent Twitter poll, in which we asked if you would be disappointed if Apple gave up on its car program.

One could argue that Tesla is the Apple of the auto industry, and given the following Tesla has developed, it's interesting to see that 59 percent of you said, "Not even a little bit."

Meanwhile, 23 percent of you said you would absolutely be disappointed and 18 percent said, 'Apple's working on a car?"

Clearly, 18 percent of you need to be paying more attention to Motor Authority on a daily basis. You know we have an email newsletter, right?

The self-driving electric car is code-named Project Titan, but a recent series of layoffs might have just killed the program. At a minimum, it might be delayed or shifting directions.

Too many things add up for Project Titan not to be real. From a German lab being established for the project to the Apple.Car domain being registered to a hiring spree of automotive talent. The Silicon Valley tech company has even poached battery engineers from industry suppliers.

While you might not be crushed if Apple walks away from a program that supposedly doesn't exist, the automotive world might be worse off because of it. Innovation is never a bad thing, and neither is competition.