When Gidi Chamdi in his twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo cracked 240 mph over the standing half mile for the first time ever back in June, we thought his record would be safe for a while.

Little did we know that within just a few months another twin-turbocharged Lamborghini, this time a Huracán, would smash that record.

The Huracán was driven by Richard Fowler to an incredible 247.25 mph at the Shift Sector half mile event held at McMinnville Municipal Airport in McMinnville, Oregon this past weekend. His record-breaking run has been saved for the world to see in this smile-inducing clip.

In both cases, the Lamborghinis were fitted with an X Version twin-turbocharging package from Underground Racing of Charlotte, North Carolina. There are various stages involved with the most extreme delivering 1,200 horsepower at the wheels on regular pump gas and an insane 2,200 hp with race gas.

We wonder how long it will be until someone cracks 250 mph over the half mile.