After Tesla's announcement Tuesday that its new Model S P100D (when equipped with the optional Ludicrous Speed mode) is the fastest-accelerating car you can buy, it sure seems like everyone wants to talk about racing down a drag strip.

Luckily, our pal Jason Fenske with Engineering Explained is here to, well, explain to us just how fast normal cars can (theoretically) get.

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There's still some room for improvement, but, as Jason points out, we're getting to the point of diminishing returns. 

In his informative style, Jason breaks the fastest possible 0-60 mph time down for us in this roughly 7-minute video. How many times could you have accelerated and braked 0-60-0 in 7 minutes? You can do the math on that one.

And let's remember that the Model S P100D on Ludicrous Mode (with Luda himself in the driver's seat, perhaps) isn't the fastest-accelerating car you've ever been able to buy. Ponying up more than $100,000 for a Model S is, however, admittedly a lot easier than finding a Porsche 918 Spyder. Tesla says it will build about 200 P100Ds per week, which means it'll take less than a month and a half for the California carmaker to have more cars on the road capable of zipping to highway speeds in 2.5 seconds than Porsche. 

That's a little scary, if you ask us—but let's not knock the notion that going fast is seriously fun. 


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