Are you bummed out that you weren't one of the lucky 500 folks chosen? If you had nearly $500,000 burning a hole in your pocket, it would've probably helped if you also had bought the last version of the Ford GT. According to Car and Driver, Ford found a number of prior GT owners that are eager to buy the latest and greatest, and that's why seven out of ten new Ford GT owners are previous GT owners.

It's not all social media superstars and celebrities, though those are the names making the news. Raj Nair, Ford's Head of Product Development, has said that the majority of Ford GT order slots went to folks who are either (wealthy) fans of the brand or own a GT from 2005 and 2006. In fact, a full 87 percent of new Ford GT buyers already own a Ford product. 

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The more interesting news, however, is that Ford might not shut off the Ford GT tap with just the original planned run of 500 units over the first two years. Of those who applied for the right to buy the car, a number were given rejection letters and others were wait-listed. That in itself doesn't mean more cars are coming, but Nair has stated that the automaker is working on a plan to make more of the "deserving applicants" happy. That sure sounds like more cars could be in the works, probably in additional model years.

Regardless, this still is a very un-Ford-like move. Our man Viknesh breaks it down for you in his piece detailing why he feels that Ford is making a mistake selling its GT in this manner. It's something Ferrari would do, and that's something Ford used to avoid.


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