Fast 8 can't get here fast enough, as far as we're concerned. The franchise has become a turn-your-brain off action fest with cars serving as stars shining as brightly as the rest of the cast. It's always fun finding out which vehicles are going to get the bright-lights treatment. It's usually a blend of muscle cars, exotics, and a unique sprinkling of stuff you've never seen before. And it seems that blend is exactly what we can expect with the upcoming film.

An Instagram video captured by Muscle Car Zone shows a heavily modified Dodge Charger rolling off a trailer and reporting for film duty. It clearly sounds like an old-school machine, but it's what sits on the rear deck and trunk area that has us extremely confused. While you can hear the rumble of a standard engine, it looks like we might be staring at some sort of aircraft engine. That could be a powerplant pulled from a helicopter and you can see its large exhaust stack sitting just next to it. That's pure speculation on our part, but we think perhaps some movie magic could add in turbine sounds in post production.

Besides the Charger, Autoblog is reporting that a resto-modded C2 Corvette will join the party. It's a gorgeous example of one of our favorite generations of America's sports car. Sadly, though, it looks like it might be in for a spot of trouble as The Rock has posted a shot of the car staged in an accident scene. We really hope it's just staged that way, and it only looks like the car takes on damage.