Filming for the eighth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise is underway, and you can almost feel the testosterone. Earlier this week we found what appeared to be a turbine-powered Charger on the set of Fast 8. Now, we've confirmed what it is, and we've even heard it run.

The car has been revealed as Dominic Torreto's Ice Charger for the cold-weather scenes being shot in Iceland. In case you somehow didn't know at this point, Torreto is played by Vin Diesel.

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Yes, it has a jet turbine, but, sadly, it's not real. In the videos below, which were posted to Instagram by the Jadatoys account, you can clearly hear a V-8 engine start, idle, and then move the car. While the jet turbine is probably a film prop, you can bet it's likely "real" in the movie.

As for what will actually power this Charger, we don't know at this point. It's worth noting that all of the modified cars in Furious 7 were motivated by 500-horsepower V-8 crate engines from General Motors.

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Nissan's had a big hand in the Fast and Furious franchise thanks to the Brian O'Connor character played by the now-deceased Paul Walker. O'Connor had a thing for GT-Rs in the films, but with Walker's death and O'Connor being written out of future films, it's anyone's guess as to whether a GT-R will make an appearance in the latest film.

Stay tuned for more updates as filming continues, as we're sure there will be plenty.