Ever since launching its P1 hypercar, McLaren has been adamant the car isn’t a successor to the legendary F1.

While the P1 has a single focus on speed, the F1 was designed as the ultimate driver’s car, offering performance that surpassed rivals, along with unmatched comfort and practicality for the class.

According to a new report, McLaren is working on a proper F1 successor, a car insiders describe as a “hyper-GT.”

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The report comes from Autocar and suggests the F1 successor will bow towards the end of the decade. It’s said to be a new addition to McLaren’s Ultimate Series but won’t eclipse the P1, so you can already forget about it challenging Aston Martin’s upcoming AM-RB 001 hypercar.

McLaren F1 chassis number 069

McLaren F1 chassis number 069

Instead, the F1 successor is said to have only about 700 horsepower, with McLaren’s ubiquitous twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 serving as the power source. And since there won’t be any hybrid tech taking up any space, look for clever packaging solutions just like in the F1.

For example, there’s said to be an F1-style 3-seat cockpit with a steering wheel in the center. Apparently the decision to adopt the layout was due to requests from customers for a car that can be driven in both left- and right-hand-drive markets with ease. We can also expect a bespoke luggage set similar to the one offered in the F1.

Performance is said to be superior to the 650S though perhaps not on the level of the more hardcore 675LT, as the suspension will be tuned more for comfort than speed.

Given the unique nature of the car, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that McLaren Special Operations is said to be in charge of the development. This means limited production and sky-high pricing. The reported price tag is £2 million ($2.63 million), or about double what you had to pay for a P1.